What is Units of Measurements?

Measurement is related to most of our daily activities. Moreover, we need accurate measurement for various research works. The act of measuring something in our daily life is called measurement. In general, measurement means the act of determining the quantity of something.

For example, the distance of the school from Rizu’s home is 700 meters. Sohel has bought 5 Kilograms of rice from the shop. Rina takes 50 seconds to go to the school’s office room. Here, 700 meters is the distance, 5 kilograms is the mass of rice and 50 seconds is the amount of time spent.

We need two things to measure anything. One is number and another is unit. A standard is essential, comparing with which any measurement is done. These standard quantities are called the unit of measurement. Say, the length of a rod is 4 meters. Here, meter is a unit of length and 1 meter is a specific measurement. Therefore, length of the rod 4 meters means length of the rod is 4 times of this 1 meter’s unit.

There are different units for measurement of time, volume, velocity, mass, force, energy, temperature. electric current etc. These units have been designed in such way that they can be convenient and can be easily and accurately reproduced. Except some units of measurements all these units are interrelated with one another.