For Coin Sales, Pokémon Go Begins Avoiding the Play Store

For Coin Sales, Pokémon Go Begins Avoiding the Play Store

The two most popular mobile app shops are Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store, which rely heavily on sales to stay in business. Anyone publishing a paid app must give a commission to Google and Apple for each sale and any IAPs and subscriptions. Unsurprisingly, both businesses have actively guarded that source of income, as Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, discovered when it attempted to go around Apple and Google’s policies. The developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic, is now following Epic’s lead and launching its own shop to avoid Apple and Google’s share of any transactions.

Niantic has begun contacting customers to tell them of the launch of its new Pokémon Go Web Store, according to /u/Jessekjz on Reddit (via Eurogamer). On its main page, we can see that it provides a variety of PokéCoin packages, and while the store is already operational in certain countries, the United States is presently an unsupported zone.

For the time being, we can’t find a connection to the webshop within Pokémon Go, nor can we access it from within the app. Users who wish to purchase from the shop must use a web browser, navigate to the site, and purchase their coins.

Since integrating to third-party payment methods within Fortnite brought Epic into problems, Niantic’s strategy could be its saving grace. However, this marketing email makes it plain that Niantic wants to bypass Apple and Google by providing “the best deals” through its own shop.

The fact that Niantic established its own web shop first might potentially harm the business if Apple and Google decide to sue it. It was argued by the court presiding over the Apple v. Epic case, among other things, that Epic could not break its agreement with Apple and then sue Apple for damages afterward. Instead, it ought to have started its own case if it intended to avoid Apple. If Epic had done so and won, it would have been entitled to damages. The judge didn’t believe the company’s case since it really created the condition it later claimed was harming it.

Only time will tell if Niantic can remain unnoticed and avoid Epic’s destiny. Otherwise, its actions may result in a court clash, for which a precedent has already been established.

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