Where Can Find Tetrafluorides in Starfield?

Where Can Find Tetrafluorides in Starfield?

Tetrafluorides (or xF4) are a rare tier 2 resource that you’ll come across on your journey across the stars in Starfield. It’s utilized in a range of handicraft recipes and is increasingly being used in pharmacological research efforts.

When you don’t know where to search, finding this resource can be difficult, but a few planets and moons are among the 1000 in Starfield house Tetrafluoride. If you are desperate for this resource, you can find it early in the game. Tetrafluoride can be found in the following places:

  • Sumati (System Narion)
  • Cragg (Cheyenne System)
  • Procyon III-a (System Procyon A)
  • Tau Ceti III (System Tau Ceti)
  • VII-b Charybdis (Charybdis System)
  • Newton II (System Newton)

When you arrive at one of these locations, use your hand scanner to investigate the surface. This will highlight the Tetrafluoride leak from afar, allowing you to locate the resource more quickly.

Where Can Find Tetrafluorides in Starfield?

When you find the Tetrafluoride seep, simply interact with it to collect it. Avoid standing in its aura for too long, since it will hurt you over time and may result in some negative status effects.

For a more immediate answer, you can buy it from a range of merchants across the established systems. Among the vendors you can visit early in your game are:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • UC Distribution Center (New Atlantis Commercial District)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Denis Averin (Cydonia on Mars)

You’ll need a lot of Tetrafluoride to finish all pharmacological research tasks and then some more to make recipes, so buying in bulk is recommended if you’re going this way. Credits are easy to come by, so if you’re running low, just play the game a little longer and you’ll have enough money.