8-Bit Is Back! Code Your Own Game on Your Own Console

8-Bit Is Back! Code Your Own Game on Your Own Console

Do you want to play some old-school 8-bit games? We’ve got something much better for you. You may not only immerse yourself in the realm of 8-bit gaming, but you can also construct your very own educational 8-bit gaming gadget. Like the retro feel, but have no idea what 8-bit is? It’s no issue. The late 1970s and early 1980s were the Golden Age of 8-bit arcade and video games. Pac-Man, Asteroids, and more games were created using this technology. 

You’ll create your own gaming system, master the foundations of a functional video game console, write your own video game, draw cool characters, and simulate physics in your 8-bit universe with the ByteBoi: DIY Advanced Game Console. It’s now on sale for $109.99 (regularly $119).

Thanks to the helpful and easy-to-understand tutorials, examples, and web interface, you’ll be guided through the full process of writing arcade code. The 8-bit era is where arcade games originated, and now you can be a part of it by creating and playing your own game. 

8-Bit Is Back! Code Your Own Game on Your Own Console

The ByteBoi: DIY Advanced Game Console, which was successfully financed on Kickstarter, also comes with pre-made video games. Plus, there’s more. You may link your ByteBoi to the internet and share your work with a community of other game creators. This is an excellent project for both children and adults. It’s never been more necessary to learn to code than it is today. Coding allows you to secure the highest-paying positions on the job market.

So, if you’ve been seeking for a means to learn how to code from the ground up, this is your chance. It also doesn’t hurt that you get a game console as a bonus. Grab ByteBoi and get ready to play some games. For $109.99 (regularly $119), get ByteBoi: DIY Advanced Game Console.

You’ll adore ByteBoi if you liked CircuitMess’ first product, MAKERbuino. It’s a revamped and updated version of the popular 8-bit educational gaming system. ByteBoi is a DIY vintage game console that you can build and program yourself. It may be programmed using Make Code Arcade, a fantastic online coding environment with a wealth of examples and tutorials. 

Because of the built-in Wi-Fi chipset, you can even use your ByteBoi to control your Wheelson remotely. With ByteBoi, you can create your own gaming console while learning about electronics, coding, game graphics, game engines, character animation, and more.