The 11 Xbox Games You Need to be Playing in December 2022

The 11 Xbox Games You Need to be Playing in December 2022

We’re appreciative that some developers have dismissed the idea and nonetheless created games. Totally insane guys. We had a little issue locating eleven new Xbox games to deliver to you, so it makes composing this Up Next for December 2022 easier.

Got money? You might want to get Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VI Reunion, The Callisto Protocol, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and other titles as well. That’s not a bad tripleheader.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: It’s the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Firaxis, the brilliant X-Com developers, and tactical RPG kings have joined forces with the Marvel universe. We were momentarily perplexed before we began caressing our bellies. Yes, that is a very satisfying snack.

You have a ragtag group of heroes at your disposal. Although it is possible to play as powerful characters as Captain America and Spider-Man, the emphasis is on less conventional heroes. As you engage Lilith, the Mother of Demons, who are attempting to call forth the arch-demon Chthon, in battle, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Blade are among the more prominent characters. A villain may always be identified by their lack of vowels.

As previously said, this is a tactical, turn-based RPG in the style of the X-Com games, in which some other heroes can befriend for tactical advantages. Who knows how it will be received by mainstream Marvel fans?

These Fantastic Games are Already Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in December
The 11 Xbox Games You Need to be Playing in December 2022

The Callisto Protocol: A Dead Space mainstream sequel doesn’t appear to be approaching any faster. Although we can’t deny that the Dead Space reboot is looking hot, Dead Space 3 definitely did the franchise in. In light of everything stated above, we are grateful that The Callisto Protocol exists.

It is very similar to Dead Space in many aspects. Thirty members of the original Dead Space crew are working on it under Glen Schofield’s direction. It’s a space-based survival horror movie, and the main guy even has a holographic health monitor on the back of his neck.

However, early teasers reveal that The Callisto Protocol is a distinct, vicious, and equally terrifying beast. It is on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter, and it describes an alien invasion that occurs inside a prison system. You are Jacob Lee, a prisoner on Callisto, and it appears that the warden is planning everything. Dead Space by means of Shawshank? Please, yes.

The Callisto Protocol: A mainline Dead Space sequel doesn’t seem to be approaching any faster. The franchise was severely damaged by Dead Space 3 (but we can’t deny that the Dead Space remake is looking hot). We’re grateful that The Callisto Protocol exists in light of everything mentioned above.

It resembles Dead Space in many ways. Thirty members of the original Dead Space crew are working on it under the direction of Glen Schofield, who also co-created the game. A holographic health meter can be seen on the back of the main character’s neck in this space-based survival horror.

Early teasers, however, reveal that The Callisto Protocol is a distinct, monstrous beast all on its own. It describes an extraterrestrial invasion that occurs in a prison complex and is situated on Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. It appears as though the warden is directing everything, and you are Jacob Lee, a prisoner on Callisto. Dead Space via Shawshank? Please accept.

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello, Neighbor (we’ll carelessly ignore the Americanized spelling) has been one of the biggest surprises of the last several years. It was basically a game of hide-and-seek with a mustachioed bad guy where you had to raid a house without alerting the Nemesis.

The Hello Neighbor team has adopted an admirably ambitious strategy rather than resting on their laurels and simply releasing a sequel that improves the graphics and fixes problems. This is an open world with many neighbors, and each of them has its unique characteristics and house layouts. Hello, Neighbor 2 will be available on Game Pass from the very beginning of the game’s release. Avoid the squeaky floorboards, please.

The Rumble Fish 2: We readily admit that Up Next is frequently an educational experience for us and that we were unaware of The Rumble Fish before visiting it. However, we were in the dark because The Rumble Fish has a tremendous fan base, regularly competes in Evo tournaments, and is known as the warrior for rational individuals.

Rumble Fish was first released in arcades in Japan in 2005, but it never reached our shores. The Rumble Fish 2 is the sequel that we have been waiting for. In this 2D fighter, sixteen characters are at your disposal to command. There are two gauges to keep an eye on, and the unique Smooth Model Animation gives everything a flowing, dynamic edge. Expect to see it at Evo the following year.

CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION: Completely rebuilt, brand-new 3D modeling, upgrades to the battle system, and speech that spans both English and Japanese-speaking regions. The release of a newly composed music by the original soundtrack’s composer, Takeharu Ishimoto, would be the only thing that could increase the anticipation for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Which is that? Do we also have that? Sweet.

You should be prepared for CRISIS CORE: FINAL FANTASY VII: REUNION’s arrival on Xbox fifteen years after its original release as a PlayStation Portable exclusive, fully remade and ready to cater to a contemporary audience.

But if you need a little prodding, it’ll have you following Zack Fair’s life while covering as many bases as it can, including dreams, honor, and connections to Cloud. Typical FF fare.

If you’re looking for a new version of a famous story, look for CRISIS CORE: FINAL FANTASY VII REUNION.

High on Life: This month, Game Pass delivers value for money as High on Life joins Hello Neighbor 2 as a day-one exclusive title available through the subscription service. Our favorite idea for a video game this month also comes from the busy mind of Justin Roiland (Adventure Time, Rick & Morty).

Threats are posed to humanity. Aliens are invading, and they want to use us as raw materials for narcotics so they can get high on our dead bodies. It’s not a good fate, so it’s up to you and your collection of talking weapons to defeat Garmantuous and perhaps light him up for a smoke. Who knows, it’s Justin Roiland.

Blacktail: With Blacktail, a first-person action-narrative game that is no less creative, we’re back on solid ground. It centers on the Slavic folktale of “Baba Yaga,” a well-known character who frequently appears in contemporary culture (such as Hellboy) as a witch who resides in a mansion with four legs.

But Blacktail gives you the option to play as her rather than simply pitting you against her. You are a young Baba Yaga who was expelled from her tribe and made to confront the spectral ghosts of her past. It is an original narrative and it has a magnificent, dark, and ominous appearance. To create your own myth, use your spells and bow to battle the physical and the supernatural.

Infinite Guitars: Since Humble Games has such a high success rate, we usually support anything they release, but Infinite Guitars has our attention more than most. It’s a rhythm-action role-playing game in which you command mechs and use rock and roll to destroy foes. Godzilla is playing drums. Oceanic Riff?

You’ll need to crank up the volume on your speakers since Infinite Guitars has a great soundtrack. It also has some excellent anime-style graphics that give it the appearance of being Scott Pilgrim’s stylish cousin. You can probably guess that we’re ready to play Infinite Guitars and are holding the guitar pick in readiness for a decision.

Wavetale: This December, there is no shortage of style. Wavetable is a stunning-looking post-apocalyptic adventure from Thunderful, which has been quietly putting out excellent indie games like White Shadows, Lonely Mountains: Downhill, and Lego Brick Tales. With the help of a magical blessing that your late grandmother bestowed upon you, their most recent takes the Waterworld setting and has you surfing over its surface.

As you can use a handheld net to launch oneself about the many structures and villages of Wavetale’s world, there is a hint of parkour here as well. Your goal is to defeat a wicked warlock who has been bothering the fishermen and restore some form of harmony to the earth.

The Squad, a firefighting simulator: We get shivers just from reading the word “Simulator” in a game’s title. Nothing makes us happier than sneaking into someone else’s job to see how it’s done. They always originate from a German development company (Germans love to simulate everything), and they always have some amazing bugs to detect.

Firefighting Simulator: The Squad is a fantastic fit for the design. A firefighting simulator was previously available in Firefighters: The Squad recognizes that the majority of call-outs involve a team effort and has you operating as a team, unlike The Simulator but Firefighting Simulator. It places you in the US, where everything is usually more substantial. As a team, you must put out fires that have started in warehouses and forests.

Togges: This one has potential, ooh. Regular Studio’s first release, Togges, shares the same wild vision and passion for color that made us swoon over de Blob and Rain on Your Parade, among other things.

It’s challenging to express. You’re floating above a vibrant, fantastical world like what appears to be a Roomba. However, every time you move, you throw blocks in a chain, and those blocks can come in handy. Using your trail, which resembles a Tron bike, is crucial if you want to survive because they can carry your Roomba up to higher platforms, block opponents, and do other things.

We can’t help but be intrigued by this family-friendly adventure, so we’re excited to give it our opinion.