Review of the Nintendo Switch’s 8BitDo Ultimate Controller

Review of the Nintendo Switch’s 8BitDo Ultimate Controller

The 8BitDo Ultimate controller for the Nintendo Switch stands out since it’s unusual for a third-party controller to nearly totally outperform what’s provided by manufacturers like Nintendo.

Even before you load up a game, the 8BitDo Ultimate makes a good impression. The controller’s quality is immediately noticeable when handling it for the first time, and the packing, which includes the pad, its charging dock, and a USB-C cord, is pleasingly compact.

The 8BitDo Ultimate’s rounded form, which lays comfortably in your hand, makes it ergonomically sound. Even when your palms start to perspire in the heat of combat, the textured grips guarantee that you’ll always have a firm hold on the controller. Overall button and stick quality are outstanding, providing a more satisfying tactile experience than the already superior Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It’s also a top choice if you’re after a level of customizability not afforded by the Pro Controller. This can be configured using the 8BitDo’s app, which allows for full button mapping, trigger and sticks sensitivity settings, and support for button combination macros.

Even if it can’t quite equal the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’s incredible 40 hours of charge, the battery life is still sufficient for a controller of its kind. The accompanying charging dock, which boasts a quick 2-3 hour charge time, thankfully helps to mitigate this to a significant extent.

In conclusion, the 8BitDo Ultimate is a great option if you want to move beyond Nintendo’s own Joy-Con controllers. It offers a great value proposition thanks to additional features like rear paddle buttons, a profile customization app, and a charging dock, especially considering that its price is on par with or lower than that of competing products like the PowerA Fusion Pro and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The price of the 8BitDo Ultimate controller for Nintendo Switch, which includes the controller and its charging station, is $69.99 / £59.99 (around AU$104). You may get it through 8BitDo’s official store website in the US and the UK (opens in new tab).

While its primary use is for the Nintendo Switch, the controller is also compatible with Windows PCs, Android, and iOS devices through Bluetooth. It comes in white and black color options.

Due to its excellent build quality, high degree of comfort, and solid textured grips, the 8BitDo Ultimate controller for the Nintendo Switch makes a very good first impression. Longer gaming sessions become effortless because of the grips’ precise level of roughness, which offers stability without causing hand discomfort.

Additionally superior to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are buttons and sticks. The shoulder buttons, triggers, and analog sticks are all set just a tiny bit higher than on Nintendo’s pad, which we found to be generally more comfortable. ABXY face buttons provide a tactile feel, which is an upgrade over the stock Nintendo Switch pad’s softer feel.

The D-pad should also be given special attention. It has delicate grooves that are depressed and a concave appearance. It has more texture than the Pro Controller’s flat form, making it more pleasurable to use when playing games designed for digital input, such as the different retro game libraries available on Nintendo Switch Online.

The 8BitDo Ultimate is remarkably close to being flawless in terms of design. The Plus, Minus, Home, sharing, and profile switch buttons are all a little too close together, which is the only drawback we can find. This makes it simple to accidentally press several buttons. Once you get a feel for it, this becomes less of a problem, although we wish these buttons were a little more dispersed. Additionally, it would eliminate the discomfort of pressing the Plus button while extending your thumb over the right analog stick.