Reworking classes in “Battlefield 2042” as Game Pass launches

Reworking classes in “Battlefield 2042” as Game Pass launches

Assault, Recon, Support, and Engineer are the four categories into which the Specialists will go when the “polarizing” specialty system is transformed into a traditional class structure, according to plans EA revealed back in August.

The major complaint players had at the time about specialists was that you no longer felt like a member of your class and had a clearer understanding of your place on the battlefield due to the class’s existing design.

Following input from fans and playtests with current players, EA Dice has now provided further information about how the revised system will operate.

Specialists Engineers are a class with a focus on assisting and battling vehicles, hence Boris, Crawford, and Lis will fall under this classification. Recon is classified as Casper, Paik, and Rao. Recon identify targets and offer colleagues and oneself intelligence on enemy positions.

While Dozer, Mackay, and Sundance will transition to the Assault Class, specializing in battling infantry and shining on the front lines of combat, Angel, Irish, and Falck will fall under the Support Class, providing health, revives, and ammo to guarantee teammates can stay active in the fight.

Assault Class specialists can choose one weapon from the Smoke Launcher, IBA Armor Plate, C5 Explosive, or M18 Claymore and will always have a Med Pen on hand.

Engineer Class specialists can choose one device from the Anti-Tank Mine, Recoilless M5, FXM-33 AA Missile, FGM-148 Javelin, or EOD Bot and will always have a repair tool on hand.

Support Class specialists can pick one weapon from the Ammo Crate, Medical Crate, Smoke Launcher, or M18 Claymore and will always have a defibrillator on hand.

Specialists belonging to the Recon Class can select one weapon from the T-UGS, Tracer Dart Gun, M18 Claymore, C5 Explosive, Prox Sensor, or SOFLAM Designator, and they will always have an Insertion Beacon accessible.

EA has also stated that the revised classes would not have any restrictions on what weapons may be used, but instead will reward players that employ specific weapons. Our goal in creating this new system was to make you more recognizable to other players while also assisting in enforcing your role on the battlefield. In addition to keeping the current freedom of choice that many of you are accustomed to and like, this results in greater balance and more teamwork. We consider it to be the best strategy for giving using weapons tailored to a Class purpose.

The third season, which starts later this month, is when these updates are scheduled to debut.

Battlefield 2042 will also be accessible on Xbox Game Pass via EA Access at the start of season three.

Between December 1 and December 5, PC users can download Battlefield 2042 for free from Steam for a trial period. Additionally, newcomers will receive a welcome package that “includes a selection of new cosmetics in addition to quick access to the season 1 and season 2 Specialists, Lis and Crawford.”