These Fantastic Games are Already Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in December | Level Up

These Fantastic Games are Already Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in December | Level Up

The end of the year is quickly coming, and Xbox Game Pass will undoubtedly give its subscribers some sort of surprise. There have been occasional announcements of games coming to the platform, but Microsoft hasn’t yet provided the complete list of titles coming to the service next month.

At least 3 titles have already been announced for December as of this writing. High On Life is without a doubt the book that stands out the most on our list. The show from the mind behind Rick and Morty was supposed to premiere on October 25, but it was postponed to December 13.

The good news is that Squanch Games will keep its promise and release it on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass from the start. As a result, it will be released during the first half of December.

Find out when Battlefield 2042 will be available on Xbox Game Pass; it will be shortly.

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Fans of independent horror games will be surprised because Hello Neighbor 2 will also be included in the service. The sequel keeps the same gameplay concepts as its predecessor but adds new surprises that will make the games more thrilling. It will be your task to break into your neighbor’s home, who keeps something nasty hidden in his basement.

Chained Echoes, an RPG that we previously mentioned, is the other title with a confirmed release date. It is based on the top PlayStation and Super Nintendo (SNES) games of the era. For December, there will be yet another one-day release.

Of course, there will be a lot more games on the list for the following month. However, as of right present, only these 3 premieres have been positively confirmed. The following trailers and release dates are available:

December 6, Hello Neighbor 2 (consoles and PC) December 8 (Chained Echoes) (consoles and PC) 13th of December: High On Life (consoles, PC, and cloud)

In case you missed it, Xbox Game Pass now offers more games and one of the year’s best independent titles.

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