Extreme H is an Upcoming Off-Road Racing Series with Hydrogen Cars

Extreme H is an Upcoming Off-Road Racing Series with Hydrogen Cars

In 2024, a hydrogen-powered off-road racing series is planned to launch. Extreme H will be a sister series to Extreme E, off-road motorsport featuring electrified vehicles that debuted last year. The races in both series will be held in the same places on the same days and will follow the same format. Organizers are considering two alternatives for hydrogen integration, according to Alejandro Agag, who also established Formula E: mixed racing or full changeover. The Extreme H automobile is currently in development, with a prototype expected to be available in early 2023.

The vehicle’s the motor and chassis will be identical to those utilized in Extreme E. The key change is that instead of a battery, the central power source will be a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cells will be fuelled by green hydrogen, which combines water and solar energy, according to the Extreme H organizers. Extreme E’s EV batteries are powered by the same technique, while the paddock is powered by a combination of batteries and green hydrogen.

The inaugural Extreme E race has come to a close. Johan Kristofferson and Molly Taylor of Rosberg X Racing won the Desert X Prix in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, after defeating the two other teams in the final, second-placed Andretti United and the Lewis Hamilton-backed X44. There was some drama – the Rosberg team was given a minute penalty for speeding in the driver switch zone, while Andretti United was given a better starting position thanks to fan voting. Other teams faced issues leading up to the finals, including collisions for Abt Cupra and Veloce Racing during qualifying.

For the next race, you’ll have to wait a while. On May 29th and 30th, the Ocean X Prix will be held in Senegal’s Lac Rose. Extreme E’s first-place finish is a huge lift for the series, which had been thrown off by delays and postponed events. It’s also a watershed moment for off-road electric vehicle racing. While electric off-roaders have competed in the past, there has never been a dedicated league with big-name teams and drivers (like X44’s Sebastien Loeb). The most difficult task today may be to retain that momentum — much like Formula E did in its early days, Extreme E must demonstrate that it can keep people interested.