Bezos’ Blue Origin Has Lost Its Appeal against NASA Moon Lander Decision

Bezos’ Blue Origin Has Lost Its Appeal against NASA Moon Lander Decision

The United States Federal Court of Claims has decided against Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin in its case against NASA, which has slowed NASA’s plans to return to the Moon. The lawsuit was the latest in a series of measures by Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ business to secure a lucrative lunar lander contract.

Originally, NASA was searching for two businesses to supply landing vehicles for the mission to the Moon. Three firms pitched vehicles, and after weighing all of the factors, the space agency opted to give the contract to Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The contract, at $2.89 billion, is more than three billion dollars less expensive than Blue Origin’s proposal.

After losing the race, Bezos filed complaints with the Government Accountability Office and planned to take NASA to court. As a result, construction on the lander was put on hold until the issue was remedied. After redactions, the court’s memorandum of opinion is likely to disclose on November 18.

The choice to incorporate commercial partners in NASA’s return to the Moon was made with three ideal aims in mind: cheaper long-term costs, faster technological turnaround, and increased production sustainability. Instead, this terrible tale, as it has been dubbed online, has resulted in delays and money squandered.

“Blue Origin’s bid complaint was dismissed by the United States Court of Federal Claims on Thursday, affirming NASA’s choice of SpaceX to design and demonstrate a contemporary human lunar landing. NASA will continue working with SpaceX under the Option a contract as soon as practicable, according to a NASA spokesperson “In a news release, the agency stated.”

In addition to this contract, NASA continues to collaborate with a number of American firms to improve competitiveness and commercial preparedness for crewed lunar surface transportation.”

“Bezos Wants to Create a Better Future in Space,” the devastating open letter reads. On September 30, his company, Blue Origin, published on the platform Lioness with the article “His Company Blue Origin Is Stuck in a Toxic Past.” Signatories, including Alexandra Abrams, the former head of Blue Origin employee relations, believe senior management so focused on winning the “billionaire space race” that they ignored safety procedures and failed to address systemic issues within the business culture.

Blue Origin is presently dealing with a slew of issues, one of which is the loss of this contract. Current and former employees have accused Jeff Bezos’ firm of sexism in the workplace, as well as safety issues concerning the rockets.