Cover Letter for Accounts Receivable Manager

Cover Letter for Accounts Receivable Manager

Cover Letter for Accounts Receivable Manager

[Accounts receivable manage invoicing and payment processing for money owed to companies or organizations. Here briefly describe on Sample Cover Letter for Accounts Receivable Manager. This job is supervisory in nature and requires an individual to be a proactive team-player and active leader. Strong analytical, time management and organization skills are essential to success in this position, as is scrupulous attention to detail. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

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Dear (Name/sir) / To Whom may I Concern,

Your advertisement for the position of Accounts Receivable Manager at (Job news source) piqued my interest. I am submitting this letter and resume today with an avid interest in the advertised position of Accounts Receivable Manager for (Company/Institute Name). (Describe in your words). I would be grateful for an interview and thank you in advance for your attention. Possessing strong accounting skills and profound supervisory insight, I am confident that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.

To give you a quick summary of the value I could bring to your company, I have a degree in Finance Administration; (Briefly describe educational qualification) have over four years working in a Banking personnel role, (Job responsibilities) and the last five years as an Accounts Receivable Manager for (Company name). This said I thrive on lots of responsibility, management of accounting teams, and the analysis and organization of my job description. I am presently working as an Accounts Receivable Manager (Company name). (Describe all about your experiences). I am also very experienced in all office administration duties to include general computer needs, invoice processing, communication with clients, and typesetting, faxing, and email needs. I am a motivated individual and possess the ability to work independently. I would enjoy the opportunity to share my insight and experience with the (Department/team) at (Company/Institute name) as your Accounts Receivable Manager.

The attached resume will provide you with further insight into my career goals and qualifications to be able to work well in this Accounts Receivable Manager position. I am by far the most efficient and communicative supervisor you will consider contacting for this position, and so I ask that you contact me at (*****) to arrange a time next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Name and Signature)

Attachment: resume and other documents (Certificates, Relieving letter, Experience Letter, etc.)