Deep-Fried Water: The Vegetarian Treat That Could Feasibly Kill You

Deep-Fried Water: The Vegetarian Treat That Could Feasibly Kill You

The trend of a hot new food is already backing to ruining a bad year, and it is more dangerous than it first sounds. See, we are all bored with our own food and spreading recipe ideas, but it has its limitations. Back in 2016, YouTube chef Jonathan Marcus tried and deep fried water to he did not think it was a great idea. In fact, he made it for the “Stupid Sheet No Non Needs and Horrible Ideas Hackathon 2.0” event. Still he was eager to see it and see if it would.

To make the deep-fried water, he used the calcium alginate as a sprinkler, before cramming the bread. At this point, he gave everyone a warning not to bother trying for him or her. “It’s probably too dangerous,” he wrote on his channel. “If water escapes while the sphere is being fired in hot oil, it could explode, sending scalding oil everywhere.”

A few years later, TikTok and other YouTubers have embraced this trend. While it is all pretty fun, and we are sure no one is doing it for the actual taste, it is probably best not to try it at home. If the membranes and delicious breadcrumbs are broken, the water expand rapidly and displace the oil, which can cause a deadly (if aesthetically pleasing) large ball fire.

For those of you who have never heard of black pudding, the British Isles have the most polarized food ingredients – perhaps even marmite. Usually enjoyed with a whole English breakfast, it made from a combination of boar blood and oats. It is blood sausage. My dad likes black pudding. She enjoyed frying it one morning as a special treat. My mum could not go to the staff. Therefore, it is necessary for my parents to cook it if they want, usually away from home in the process.

Surprisingly, due to the high blood volume, black pudding not considered suitable for vegetarians. As a result, several vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives have emerged. The V & an exhibition were, course, designed to challenge this assumption.