Describe on Lilaceae Family

Lilaceae Family are commonly called the ‘Lily family’ is a characteristic representative of monocotyledonous plants. It is distributed worldwide (Figure).

Vegetative characters: Perennial herbs with underground bulbs/corns/ rhizomes

Leaves: mostly basal, alternate, linear, exstipulate with parallel venation


Figure: Allium cepa (onion) plant: (a) Plant (b) Inflorescence (c) Flower (d) Floral diagram

Floral characters:

Inflorescence: solitary / cymose: often umbellate clusters

Flower: bisexual: actinomorphic.

Perianth: tepal six (3+3), often united into tube: valvate aestivation

Androcium: stamen six, (3+3)

Gynoecium: tricarpellary, syncarpous, ovary superior, trilocular with many ovules; axile placentation.

Fruit: capsule, rarely berry

Seed: endospermous

Economic Importance

Many plants belonging to this family are good ornamentals (tulip, Gloriosa), source of medicine (Aloe), vegetables (Asparagus) and colchicine (Colchicum autumnale).