Difference between promotion and advertising

The following are the difference between promotion and advertising:


  • Definition: A Promotion usually involves an immediate incentive for a buyer (intermediate distributor or end consumer). It can also involve disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company.
  • Price: Not very expensive in most cases.
  • Suitable for: Small to large companies.
  • Sales: Directly related to sales.
  • Example: Giving free products, coupons etc.
  • About: A type of marketing tool.
  • Purpose: Increase sales.
  • Result: very Soon.


  • Definition: One-way communication of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor, whose the purpose is the non-personal promotion of products/services to potential customers.
  • Price: Expensive in most cases.
  • Suitable for: Medium to large companies
  • Sales: Assumption that it will lead to sales.
  • Example: Giving an advertisement in the newspaper about the major products of a company
  • About: A type of marketing tool.
  • Purpose: Increase sales, brand building.
  • Result: Slowly.