Zookeepers Reveal The Dark, Low-Down, Dirty Inside Secrets Of Zoos

Zookeepers Reveal The Dark, Low-Down, Dirty Inside Secrets Of Zoos

“Not the most dangerous and frightening animal to escape, as you might think of a lion, tiger or other large carnivore the-today based thread.”

“These things will tear your arm and kill you with bloody ends as soon as they look at you.” A few days ago, a user named Gummy-Panda asked zoologists at Reddy, “What’s inside the zoos low-down, dirty, inside?” As it turns out, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of them) that you don’t really want to know that if the answers go to anything, there’s a selection of our favorites below.

“I always had to draft a zoo contingency plan for all kinds of emergencies,” wrote dogsfrogsmonologues. “Floods, tornadoes, extreme heat, war or attack, you name it.”

“Animals sometimes kill other animals and there’s not much that can be done about it,” quantumofennui wrote. “I remember when a groundhog turned it into a chimpanzee show and the kid on the team got it her watching windows. He then held it for another half hour like a stud teddy bear, pulling it with him when he went to graze. Mind you, this happened in front of a group of school children. I was in the viewing area and a teacher / chaperone insisted that I ‘do something’. Like what? Ma’am, chimpanzee; No one is doing anything.” On the bright side: “The kids actually learned something while visiting the zoo.”

“I used to volunteer weekly at a large zoo and at one stage the management started a monthly redemption exercise from the hands of dangerous animals,” The Bourgeoisie wrote. “Someone would run away with a lion and we would have to respond as if one of the big animals had escaped. It was only once for nearby guests to enter. After that if they refuse to follow you inside the house (the protocol was perforated in large activity center buildings), you can leave them there, go inside yourself and lock the door. This is understandable because people can be very stupid and you don’t want to risk everyone’s life because of one Karen, but this protocol is just for scaring them.” If you haven’t seen these simulations, you should definitely check them out.