Disadvantages of Voice Mail

Disadvantages of Voice Mail

A voice-messaging system can be easily accessed by local, remote, or mobile users via land-lines or cellular phones. Messages may be created in a user’s voice mailbox and then transported to another voice mailbox in a manner similar to the e-mail process. Voice mail does have its disadvantages though, especially when compared with other methods of electronic communication.

Disadvantages of Voice Mail

Communication through voice mail enjoys a lot of benefits. However, it is not free from limitations. Its major limitations are as follows:

  • Not suitable for sending excessive messages:

Lengthy messages cannot be sent through voice mail. Due to mechanical faults, noise, sender’s pronunciation problem, receiver’s hearing problem, or intolerance, this system is not suitable for sending lengthy messages. If you miss a lot of calls that you will be flooded by many voicemail messages, Listening to the voice mail is very tiring and time-consuming, you can use your time doing more important and urgent tasks.

  • Differences in the sender’s and receiver’s languages:

This system would not be effective if the receiver and tender do not understand the language of each other. You will get tired of listening to the messages and end up deleting the messages without listening to them, this causes you to miss the important messages.

  • Security Reason:

The message recording systems can fall prey to the hackers who phish the passwords through spam email or social engineering. They can access to the messages. They can take the personally identifiable or proprietary business information.

  • Expensive:

Communication through voice mail is more expensive than those of other mail systems. Therefore, only a few important and personal messages are exchanged through voice mail.

  • Personal Hassle:

For some people, checking their voice mail is a hassle, especially when compared with the ease of sending and receiving text messages. Procrastinators might put off checking voice mail, habitually telling themselves that they’ll check it later.

  • Business Hassle:

These systems are usually far more complex than personal voice mail systems on cell phones. An automated service or recording guides callers through a menu that requires them to press different buttons on their phones.

  • Discreteness:

It is hard to discreetly listen or respond to voice mail messages since these require you to make at least one phone call to your voice mail service. In many public places, such as in a cinema, talking on your cell phone is rude or prohibited.

Some people cannot use the voice-messaging systems: The voice-messaging system is less economical for smaller companies. Some people do not see any benefit in having a voice mailing system in place, It will be a nuisance for them.