Duties of Company Secretary towards Shareholders

Duties of Company Secretary towards Shareholders

Duties of Company Secretary towards shareholders

The duties of company secretary are manifold and these duties vary from one company to another depending on its size, goal, nature, functions etc. The duties and responsibilities of company secretary are discussed under the following headings:

Duties towards shareholders: Company secretary acts as a link between the company and shareholders. Shareholders are the owners of the company. Therefore, the company secretary should demonstrate the highest courtesy and honor to the shareholders. However, following are the duties of company secretary towards shareholders:

  • Safeguarding the interest of the shareholders.
  • Communicating the decisions of the board of directors to the shareholders.
  • Looking and dealing into the grievances and complaints of the shareholders.
  • Satisfying the shareholders by supplying information regarding company affairs.
  • Issuing allotment letters to the shareholders.
  • Issuing share certificates to the owners of the shares.
  • Issuing dividend warrants to the shareholders.
  • Sending notice of meeting to the shareholders.
  • Making arrangement for shareholder’ meeting.
  • Recording the proceedings of various meetings in minute books.
  • Allowing shareholders to inspect various books and registers as permissible under the act.