Elon Musk Named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Elon Musk Named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Elon Musk has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2021, which has been a long time coming. In a tweet earlier today, the entrepreneur and business magnate’s photo featured on Time’s cover, linking Musk – in their opinion – with former titleholders such as President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and activist Greta Thunberg. “He dreams of Mars while he bestrides Earth, square-jawed and indestructible,” according to a New York Times article breaking the news. “Elon Musk has recently taken to live-tweeting his crap.”

Musk’s impact in 2021 has been diverse, to say the least, having directed headlines throughout the world for anything from tweeting from his “porcelain throne” to implanting brain chips in people and striving to send astronauts on the Moon and perhaps even Mars one day. All of this is without mentioning Musk’s function as CEO of Tesla, a $1 trillion corporation that has made him the world’s richest private individual.

Elon Musk Named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

While Musk’s decision has already stirred debate online, Time acknowledges that he “has spent a lifetime battling the critics,” and cites his influence’s durability as the reason for their 2021 title bearer.

“How many people will be remembered for their accomplishments rather than their crimes in the planet – let alone the universe?” Musk was derided as a crazed con artist on the edge of bankruptcy just a few years ago. Now, this timid South African with Asperger’s condition, who survived a traumatic upbringing and personal tragedy, bends governments and business to his will.”

Elon Musk, the entrepreneur of SpaceX and Tesla, announced last week that he had Asperger’s syndrome while presenting Saturday Night Live (SNL). The internet entrepreneur received thunderous acclaim and shouts from the studio audience as he spoke publicly about his health for the first time, albeit some of his remarks have sparked controversy.

During his opening monologue, Musk remarked, “I’m actually creating history tonight as the first person with Asperger’s to host SNL – or at least the first to confess it.” However, many social media users have pointed out that Dan Aykroyd, who hosted the long-running sketch program in 2003, beat him to the title.