Worried About Keyboard Germs Get This Combo

Worried About Keyboard Germs Get This Combo

Because your health is important, you must protect yourself from germs and bacteria while working. Keyboards, phones, and laptops might have up from three times to almost three times the amount of germs found on a public toilet seat. Isn’t it revolting? We’ve found a lot better option than pulling out that antibacterial gel and ruining your keyboard. One that will keep you stress-free and bacterial development at bay.

The doctor prescribed the AZIO KM535 Antimicrobial Waterproof Keyboard & Mouse Bundle. This keyboard and mouse set is made of antimicrobial materials that keep hazardous bacteria and germs at bay. How does it function? Easy. To prevent and guard against bacterial development, and the inorganic silver-based antimicrobial compound has been applied to the outside of the AZIO KM535 keyboard and mouse.

Furthermore, the keyboard has an IP66 classification, indicating that it, as well as its mechanical casings and electrical enclosures, are protected against infiltration, dust, accidental touch, and water. This keyboard and mouse combo will not only keep you germ-free, but will also increase your productivity. The mouse contains a 1000 DPI Optical Sensor that provides you quick and smooth cursor control with precise tracking on most surfaces, and the keyboard uses membrane key switches that deliver quiet clicks and long-lasting durability.

Need more persuasion? The style and performance of both the keyboard and mouse have received a 4.45-star rating on Amazon, indicating that others just like you are impressed. It’s time to bid farewell to unpleasant germs and bacterial proliferation in favor of health and productivity. The AZIO KM535 Antimicrobial Waterproof Keyboard & Mouse Bundle is on sale for $44.99 (regularly $59.99), a 25% savings. Guys require simplicity. Geologie delivers tailored skincare for guys to your door, formulated to meet your individual needs. For $37, you can get a 30-day trial.

The AZIO KM535 is a keyboard and mouse set made with antimicrobial materials to prevent bacteria and germs from growing. The waterproof enclosure, which is rated IP66, protects all electrical components from internal water damage. The keyboard has membrane key switches for quiet clicks and long-term reliability, while the mouse features a 1000 DPI Optical Sensor for accurate cursor control and tracking on most surfaces. The waterproof construction protects against spills, oils, cleaning chemicals, and more, making it ideal for situations where dirt, liquids, or germs are present.