Skydiver in Wingsuit Becomes First Person Ever To Fly In And Out Of an Active Volcano

Skydiver in Wingsuit Becomes First Person Ever To Fly In And Out Of an Active Volcano

Sebastián ‘Ardilla’ lvarez, a world-renowned wingsuit pilot, has just executed an astonishing trick. He recently made history by being the first person to fly into — and, more importantly, out of — an erupting volcano. lvarez swooped into the crater of the Villarica volcano, one of Chili’s most renowned volcanoes, wearing only a wingsuit before swooping out, deploying his parachute, and landing safely on the active stratovolcano’s slopes.

However, the prank is not done lightly, and you should not attempt it in the proximity of any volcano. Redbull-sponsored lvarez had to first figure out if the flight was even doable. The former pilot then had to learn about the volcano, its activities, and the weather patterns that surrounded it.

lvarez, whose nickname “Ardilla” means “squirrel” in Spanish, flew 280 kilometers (174 miles) per hour across the volcano’s crater, dropping 8 meters (26 feet) into the volcano before flying back up and out. Villarica is known to the Mapuche people, the region’s native inhabitants, as Ruka Pilla, or “great spirit’s dwelling,” with the Pillan being strong and benign spirits in Mapuche mythology who may also administer punishments.

In a statement, lvarez stated, “The volcano gave me a frightening experience.” “Entering ‘the devil’s abode’ [sic] was one of the scariest, most perilous, and strange experiences I’ve ever had.” I had to talk to the volcano first since it does what it wants, and I could’ve stayed there if I’d made a mistake.” Do you like to see some more spectacular daredevil stunts? Witness a pilot creates aviation history by flying the world’s first airplane through a tunnel.

Last weekend, aviation history was created when a pilot flew through a tunnel at a blazing speed of 245 kilometers (152 miles) per hour, smashing many records. On Saturday, September 4, 2021, Dario Costa, a 41-year-old Italian stunt pilot, flew in an aircraft through two of the atalca Tunnels — one after the other — nears the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul shortly after daybreak. Look at the footage of the tense trip below.