The Policy Report Gives France Permission to Create ‘Augmented Soldiers’

The Policy Report Gives France Permission to Create ‘Augmented Soldiers’

The report considers the use of artificial chemistry, therapies, and therapies that may be linked to “physical, cognitive, conceptual and psychological abilities” or other military or weapons systems, and note that other countries are already working on such progress and France should be allowed to continue. Following a report by the Ethical Committee of the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the French military has found it quite clear that it is preparing “increased troops”.

According to CNN, the announcement comes amid reports that both China and the United States are developing troops, with the former US intelligence chief reportedly saying that China was even building a “biologically enhanced army” just a week ago – a claim China denied.

The policy committee allows France to increase troops, some changes are strictly prohibited. The report prohibits the use of any implants or alterations that “affect their sense of humanity”. Ethical decision-making is at the forefront of military behavior and the production of any change that changes the use of military force is prohibited.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly said in a statement, “When we talk about increased troops, we mean a soldier whose physical perception and cognitive abilities are encouraged to strengthen their management skills.” “In other words, the extended soldier was long gone,” he continued. “Today, however, these increases have become more sophisticated.”

France partly explains that France is not currently developing “aggressive growth” – that of overcoming physical barriers in soldiers and changing their physical, cognitive, or mental abilities. However, Party has denied the possibility of this happening in the future. “This is an opinion that has not been set as a stone and will be regularly redefined in light of future developments,” she said.

Presiding over the rules of scientific and technological development with potential military applications, the Defense Policy Committee ensures that strict ethical guidelines are maintained in the research of the French Ministry of Defense.

Military technology has spread rapidly in recent years, with sci-fi creations ranging from ‘do-it-all’ goggles, which keep an eye on the foundations of soldiers while displaying real-time combat information, on invisible artificial skin.  There have even been reports of advanced brain replacements that allow direct interface with computers already used for paraplegic individuals, similar to those described in the policy report.

However, since many countries have failed to publish military research that could lead to such troops, it is unlikely to be a unilateral agreement. So, if countries have deployed Terminator in war, it is very possible that we mere mortals may not hear about it for some time.  The production of enhanced – or ‘super’ – troops may be beyond the imagination of many, and exploring the ethics of their use will likely become a hotly debated topic in the years to come.