Elon Musk on Why the Metaverse Is Over-Hyped and Whether Aliens Exist

Elon Musk on Why the Metaverse Is Over-Hyped and Whether Aliens Exist

Some people feel the “metaverse” has the potential to change the digital world, while others fear it poses a serious threat to humankind. Elon Musk, on the other hand, believes it is over-hyped. The universe’s richest known being was asked about his thoughts on the Metaverse, a newly revealed project by the company formerly known as Facebook that aims to create an immersive virtual reality environment in which people can interact with others, in a recent interview with conservative satirical news site The Babylon Bee.

Musk appeared dissatisfied with the concept, characterizing it as “all hype and no substance.” “I’m not sure I believe in this Metaverse nonsense.” You can certainly put a television on your nose. “I’m not sure that qualifies you as being ‘in the metaverse,’ y’know,” he explained.

“I don’t see somebody wearing a frigging screen to their face all day and refusing to leave.” That doesn’t appear to be the case,” he continued. “I don’t believe we’re on the verge of slipping into the Metaverse.” It has the ring of a buzzword.” “I don’t want to be like some old codger dismissing the internet in 1995 [saying] it won’t amount to anything, because there’s a risk of that,” he said, “but I can’t see a compelling metaverse situation right now.”

During the lengthy podcast discussion, Musk discussed a variety of hot issues, ranging from the planet’s environmental challenges to UFOs. “I’m not in the camp of super-alarmist global warming,” Musk remarked of climate change. I do not believe we are doomed because of the present [carbon emissions].

“However, there is a lot of resistance to mining and burning hydrocarbons. Because the world is still heavily reliant on mining and burning hydrocarbons, if this trend continues and we begin significantly increase CO2 levels in the atmosphere, there is a greater danger of climate change, warming of the seas, and rising sea levels. “I don’t believe that’s a prudent risk to take.” Musk stated that he has not yet seen any solid proof of alien life. However, humankind may be able to draw inspiration from this concept. 

“If anyone knows about the alien evidence, it’s me, and I’ve never seen anything,” he said. “Where have all the aliens gone?” Probably no one in this galaxy, perhaps what we have here [in the world] is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We should not let that candle burn. “