Empowerment of Woman

Empowerment of Woman

Empowerment of Woman

Empowerment means the process of giving power or authority to the powerless. And empowerment of women indicates a process which helps women get the opportunity to join the workforce and contribute to the family income and influence the family and social affairs.

In the past women were confined within the four walls. They were kept away from out-of-home productive work. The hearth was their workplace and so cooking, cleaning, washing giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other responsibilities were imposed on them. In Bangladesh the women are still lagging behind.

Many reasons work behind the poor status of women in developing country. Majority of our women do not Enjoy freedom. Throughout their life they depend on men. Actually women’s empowerment is impossible without their economic freedom.

Women are the worst sufferers in poor and developing countries. Superstition and religious dogmas are belittling their position and dignity. The birth of a girl child in a poor family is not regarded as good. Parents think that the birth of a girl child will add to their sufferings. Very often they do not think of sending their girl to school. They are married off in their tender age. In her father in-law’s house she is not treated well and she is often tortured and mistreated by her husband and others for dowry.

In society women are no less important than men. About half of our total population is women. So it cannot be denied that they too possess equal rights and duties as men. They also have ability and if they get opportunity, they can also work like men. That is why keeping aloof a half of its total population; no nation can make the real progress. So, women’s empowerment is a must.

Women’s condition has changed greatly during the last few decades. At present women are playing important roles in all spheres of life. They have come out of the four walls and are working hand in land with men in all spheres of wok. Proper steps should be taken for the empowerment of women. We should make our women conscious of the fact that they have the potentiality to participate in the socio-economic development to the country. They should be made self-reliant by imparting to them proper knowledge and employment. Our social prejudices regarding the girls must be changed. We can say that if we want to keep pace with the challenge of the new millennium, the participation of both men and women in all development work must be ensured.