Entrepreneurial Mobility

Entrepreneurial Mobility

Entrepreneurial Mobility

Movement and mobility is an integral part of human life. Entrepreneurs, being human beings, do also move from one location to another and also from one occupation to another. This movement of entrepreneurs from one location to another and from one occupation to another occupation may be termed as entrepreneurial mobility.

It means movement of entrepreneurs from one place to another and likewise from one profession to another, which affect the swiftness and pattern of entrepreneurship development.

There are some important factor influences the entrepreneurial mobility in a given situation and time:

Education: An entrepreneur must be an educated person. An educated entrepreneur tends to be more mobile than an uneducated one.

Training and Experience: An entrepreneur must be properly trained and must have some past experience in business or industry. Technical knowledge and experience influence entrepreneurial mobility.

Availability of facilities: The entrepreneurs may move from the areas with no or fewer facilities to the areas with more and better facilities.

Political Conditions: The entrepreneurial mobility is also influenced by political factors, such as tax policy, political stability, trade restrictions etc.