How environmental factors affecting consumer decision process?

Environmental factors also play an important role in consumers’ decision process. Those factors are as follows:

Social factors:

Consumer’s wants, learning, motives etc. are influenced by opinion leaders, person’s family, reference groups, social class, and culture. All these factors play an important role in consumer’s decision process. People mean all human actors who play a part in service delivery and thus influence the consumer’s perceptions and attitudes through their own behaviors and attitudes (Wilson 2010). People who are effectively involved in service delivery can help consumers through the decision-making process, can reinforce an existing brand image and increase consumers purchase and re-purchase intentions.

Personal factors:

Personal factors are those factors which are unique to the customer. These factors can be age, sex, Demographics etc. Sometimes we are not the decision maker in the family, and also there are different reasons to purchase a thing between young and old people. As age progresses choices also change. Along with this, the economic situation of the buyer also affects the consumers’ buying behavior. As far as coke is concerned, it covers all the walks of life. Childs, young and old people used to refresh themselves by drinking coke. Normally people used to drink coke as their lifestyle.

Cultural Factors:

Cultural factors play an important role in consumer buying behavior. Culture portrays a customer’s wants and behavior. The culture of one nation includes values, beliefs, perception, and attitude of the consumers of that nation. As every nation has its own culture so the marketers should focus on the culture of every nation. Price of the product, promotional programs and most important the product should be suitable for the target population’s culture.