Explain Danger of Static Electricity

Sometimes the presence of static electricity is harmful and may cause danger.

Loading of fuel in aero plane: When aero plane flies in the air it may electrify due to the friction with air. If the charge increases continuously the potential difference between the aero plane and the earth increases simultaneously. Due to this high potential difference when the fuel is loaded there is possibility of releasing some charge to the ground which may create spark. This spark may lead to a huge explosion. This is why the wheels of aero plane are made of conductor rubber so that the stored charges in the aero plane can be released safely to the ground when it lands.

The solution of the problem is that a conductor is to be connected to the aero plane and to the ground as soon as it lands and just before the loading is started.

Loading of Fuel into Tanker: Sparking or explosion may occur when a truck or tanker etc carries fuel from one place to another. To prevent this type of danger the tanker should be connected to the ground by a conductor.

Television and Monitors of Computer: During the operating period television and monitor of computer, electrostatic charges are produced. These charges attract the uncharged dust particles this they become dirty soon.

Change of clothes: Sometimes our wearing clothes may be charged due to the friction with us. When we change our clothes, there is a possibility of getting light shock as the charges pass to the ground through our body.

Operation Theater: Necessary measures have to be taken to keep the surgeons, concerned people and treatment equipments of the operation theater in a hospital free from electric charges as they attract dirt and germs. This is why they have to wear conductor shoes of rubber and use rubber gloves. So that electron can pass through them to the ground.