Why public limited company is considered superior to the partnership business?

Public limited company is considered superior to the partnership business. Because of –

  1. Legal Formation: The Company is to be formed according to the procedure prescribed in the Company Act. (VIII of 1994) in Bangladesh.
  2. Artificial Entity: A company possesses an independent and separate entity. Joint Stock Company is an artificial entity created by law that can sue and can be sued in the court. It has an independent entity separate from its owners.
  3. Capital: The capital of a company is collected through Joint stock contribution in the form of share capital.
  4. Perpetual Existence: Company has perpetual existence. Its dissolution or liquidation is only possible by the court of liquidity is only possible by the court or joint decision of all or majority members.
  5. Limited Liability Company: The liability of the shareholders of a company is limited by the share value.
  6. Separation of ownership from Management: In a company, the ownership is separated from
  7. Democratic Management: The management of the company is done in a democratic way. The directors are elected by the shareholders through direct voice.
  8. Perpetual Succession: A company can survive for a longer period. The change death of shareholder does not harm the existence of the company.
  9. Own seal: The company has own seal as proof of its separate identity.