Grapevine Network

Grapevine Network

Grapevine Network

Grapevine communication may follow different types of network. Grapevine is an informal, unofficial and personal communication channel or system that takes place within the organization as a result of rumor and gossip. Some of these networks are shown in figure given below.

In single strand network, each person communicates to the other in sequence. In gossip network, each person communicates with all on nonselective basis. In probability network, the individual communicates randomly with other individual. In cluster, the individual communicates with only those people whom he trusts of these four types of networks. Cluster is the most popular in organizations.

Patterns or Types of Grapevine

Single Strand Chain: The single strand chain involves the passing of information through a line of persons to the ultimate recipient.

Gossip Chain: In the gossip chain, one person seeks and tells the information to everyone.

Probability Chain: The probability chain is a random process in which someone transmits the information to others in accordance with the laws of probability and then these others tell still others in a similar way.

Cluster Chain: In the cluster chain, a person tells the information to the selected persons who may in turn relay (pass) the information to other selected persons.