Xylem Function and Formation in Plants

Xylem Function and Formation in Plants

Xylem: Xylem transports water and solutes from the roots to the leaves. They are involved in the movement of water through a plant from its roots to its leaves.


  • It is situated just beneath the cambium.
  • Xylem is star shaped.
  • Xylem consists of vessels, tracheids, wood parenchyma and sometimes wood fibres
  • Xylem vessels consist of dead cells. They have a thick, strengthened cellulose cell wall with a hollow lumen.


  • It conducts water and minerals
  • It gives mechanical support to stem.
  • Xylem helps water and mineral transport from roots to aerial parts of the plant.

Xylem also forms vascular bundles with phloem and gives mechanical strength to plant due to presence of lignin cells.