Describe on Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is a miniature of a real tree planted in small containers in a different way. An inch of the root of a Bonsai tree is allowed to stay above the soil to increase the beauty of it. The bottom holes of the Bonsai container are covered with small nets to protect the soil from flowing out with the water. A portion of the root is allowed to stay above the soil to enhance beauty. As per its size Bonsai is divided into four categories Those below 6 inches are called miniatures, 6-12 inches are called small, 12-24 inches are called medium and more than 24 inches are called large.

Bonsai is different from normal pot planting as it is considered an art form and it needs much more care than normal pot planting. It originated more than 1000 years ago. A Bonsai may become a source of income besides giving pleasure to a man. The Soft branches of the plant are coiled with wires in order to get a particular shape. Beauty and shape are important for Bonsai pot planting. Bonsai can be classified in two ways. These are the style and their size. Small containers with holes in the bottom are needed to grow a Bonsai plant. Japanese aristocrat’s contributed to the development of Bonsai.