Discuss the Structure and Habitat of Navicula

Habitat: Navicula usually lives in water floating, such as pond, river etc. individually or in a group. A few species of them live in saline water.


i) Navicula is a unicellular organism

ii) Each cell contains a definite nucleus, a central vacuole, a densed cytoplasmic layer and one to many golden chromatophores A complete cell is called frustules.

iii) From frontal view, it is rectangular in shape, but from lateral stew it seems to be a boat (Broad at themiddle tapering at the ends)


iv) A lot of long lines are seen in cell wall. Cell wall consist of the small valve (Hypotheca)

V) Reserve food is lipid

vi) Reproduction: By cell division (vegetative) by Auxospore (asexual) by conjugation (sexual reproduction).