Mention the Significance of Meiosis

The significances of meiosis are as follows:

  • To keep the chromosomal number constant: By meiosis, it is only possible to keep the chromosome number constant from generation to generation. If there had been no meiosis in reproductive mother cells (2n) of higher plants and animals or in the zygote (2n) of haploid plants, chromosome number would be doubled in each generation and thus the species character will be hampered
  • To keep species character constant: Es keeping constancy of the chromosomal number, species characteristics can be maintained from generation to generation.
  • Formation of diversity: No two organisms that are capable of sexual reproduction are precisely alike. Though all the 500,000,0000; people in the world arc of same species, they differ from each other. This variation occur in the organisms of the world, because crossing over takes place in the chromosomes of the gametes during meiosis cell division
  • Evolution: Meiosis brings variation and variation brings the trend of evolution.
  • Formation of gametes and reproduction: Gametes arc formed by meiosis in diploid organisms. Different gametes unite together in the sexual reproduction giving rise to new generation.