Can you Beat a Bird at Spotting a Magic Trick?

Can you Beat a Bird at Spotting a Magic Trick?

The video of the magicians shows the tricks on the animals and their astonishing response attracted millions of views online. A team of scientists demonstrated the same strategy with volunteers and European zealots, clearing the way for humans and other animals to think, comparing their abilities with their deceptions through deception.

They have beaten the birds on average, but they are just as sensitive as we are to some of the tools in a good magician’s kit while being resistant to others. Last year a team from Cambridge University published an article arguing in favor of the possibility of performing magic techniques on animals in neuroscience research. As the authors have noted, certain corvids make for particularly promising studies. Not only are these birds famously smart, some family members like to cheat forest dwellers with them, pretending to keep their fallen nuts in one place, but secretly hiding them elsewhere.

Elias Garcia-Pelegrin, a PhD student, has now followed his team’s proposal by performing a trilogy of magic techniques on Eurasian J (Garrulus glandarius). Garcia-Pellegrin is a professional magician as well as a knowledgeable scientist, as can be seen in the video below, he used three standard tricks – known as palm transfer, French drop and quick pass – to test which hand caught an insect to test six Eurasian Jess. If the birds had the first guess right, they could have eaten the insect. Garcia- Pelegrin also made various other hand movements to compare.

Garcia- Pelegrin and co-authors wrote in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “These magical effects were chosen especially because they used different signals and expectations that did not shift the viewer from one thing to another,” Garcia- Pelegrin and co-authors Science has written in the activities of the National Academy. Choose hand 70 and percent 60 percent of the time, as seen by Jay, usually via French drop or palm transfer. The quick pass was a different matter, with J.J. getting just 26 percent correct on the trial. Garcia- Pelegrin is the same kind of joke; jay free videos showed 60 people how many times they could pick what hand they held see success is between 13 and 27 percent for the 3 strategies.