Squashed Crocodile Found Crushed by Dead Elephant in Confusing Crime Scene

Squashed Crocodile Found Crushed by Dead Elephant in Confusing Crime Scene

Crime scene investigation is an important tool in uncovering what actually happened before a person’s untimely death. The recent discovery of a crocodile buried under a dead elephant has proved that it sometimes applies to animals as well. Sometimes, dead animals are found in such mysterious situations that it can be difficult to find out what happened on earth.

We’re both sides killed by an unknown assailant? Or did they share their fate during the war? In the case of the elephant vs. pancake crochet, it seems like it wasn’t. The tragic scene was caused by a guide named Andrew from the Kafunta Safaris Hotel, a Zambian safari in southern Luangwa that is home to two bush camps. It was at their island bush camp where Andrew first saw a dead elephant, but until he looked closely, it became clear that a large and dead crocodile was stuck at the bottom.

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Squashed Crocodile Found Crushed by Dead Elephant in Confusing Crime Scene

According to a Facebook post by Kafunta Safaris, park authorities were called in to assess the scene and find out if there was any humanitarian misconduct that caused the animals to die. The ivory that was still there can be considered as the opposite evidence, and certainly their investigation has concluded enough that man did not play any role in their death. So, how on earth did a crocodile find himself crushed under the carcass of an elephant? “[Park authorities] suspect that the elephant was injured and that the crocodile was following him, when the elephant broke while climbing the river bank. Croc squash,” wrote Kafunta Safaris.

“All of this has been made for a huge and happy meal for dozens of vultures.” A similar bizarre crime scene was reported by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in 2020, when a tuck eagle was seen floating on Highland Lake in Bridgeton, similar to the opening scene of an ornithological murder mystery. There were no witnesses to E Gaul’s death, but a dead loon child found near the scene of the suspected crime was found.

Surprisingly, this small pond was able to pierce the heart of eagle’s with its thin beak, which brought the ferocious predator to a quick end even though the loon had already been severely wounded. One eye for an eye can blind the whole world, but at one point, almost-dead-loon-beak lakes face everyone.