What is meant by Interphase?

The intermediate stage in between two successive division of a cell is called resting stage or Interphase.

In this stage cells take all preparation before undergoing division. Haward and Pollock mentioned the dividing stage of cell and resting stage combinedly as cell cycle.

It is seen that 90% – 95%, time of a cell cycle is spent for Interphase while only 5% – l0% time is spent for division.

Interphase is again deeded into three steps, such as-

(1) Gap-I (30% – 40%)

(2) Replication (30% – 50%)

(3) Gap-2 (10% – 20%)

The Cell Cycle of Haward and Pollock

Cell cycle of Haward and Pollock:

1) Gap-1: In this sub-stage enzymes and other necessary things arc formed for DNA synthesis

2) DNA synthesis: Synthesis of DNA occurs in this sub-stage. By replication (with the effect of polymerase enzyme) DNA divides longitudinally.

3) Gap-2: In this sub-stage, nucleus grows in size and takes the full preparation for cell division.