What are the identifying characteristics of internal structure of Dicot Stern?

Identifying characteristics of the internal structure of Dicot Stern:

(i) A thick cuticle layer is present on the outer surface of epidermis.

(ii) Several multicellular hairs and stomata are present in the epidermis.

(iii) Cortex is distinguished into three layers, such as- Hypodermis, general cortex and endodermis.

(iv) Hypodermic is usually composed of collenchyrna tissue.

(v) Multilayered pericycle is present.

(vi) Vascular bundles:

  • Conjoint, collateral or bi-collateral and open.
  • They are arranged in a ring
  • Meta-xylem lies towards the periphery while proto-xylem lies towards the centre.

vii) Medullary rays are present in the scale.

Example- Sun flower (helianthus annuus)