Significance of Mitosis

Significance of Mitosis

Significance of Mitosis:

The significance of mitosis in the living world is unlimited. It is responsible for growth and development of multi-cellular organisms from a single-celled zygote. It helps the cell in maintaining proper size. Some of them are described here:

  1. Growth of the body: Growth of the body of a living being takes place by mitotic division. A unicellular zygote is transformed to a human body consisting of millions of cells. A small zygote forms a large Banyan tree.
  2. Maintaining equality of Chromosome number: By this division the number and properties of a chromosome in each cell of a multicellular body remains constant.
  3. Keeping the size and shape constant: By this division the definite shape and size of the cell remains constant.
  4. Healing of injuries: By producing new cells this process repairs the various types of damage of multicellular organisms.
  5. Formation of sex organs: By this process sex organs are formed. As a result, continuity of reproductive sequence is maintained.
  6. Qualitative stability: Qualitative stability is maintained by mitosis.

It is an equational division through which identical daughter cells are produced having the same amount and type of genetic constitution as that of the parent cell.