Define Noise Pollution in Terms of Sound

Sound is necessary for mutual communication and exchanging feelings. But the unnecessary sounds and noises are intolerable. When the sound from different sources cross the normal limit of tolerance and causes annoyance and harm to health then it is called noise pollution.

The excessive use of mike, the sound of dram, the sound of the explosion of bomb, the sound from industries, the horn of vehicles, loud sound from tape-recorder and television put, the sound from the engine of old car, the sound of aero plane and fighter plane etc. are the main causes of noise pollution.

Continuous loud sound increases mental stress and makes the temper rough. It causes vomiting tendency, lack of appetite, high blood-pressure, complex diseases of heart and brain, sickness from lack of sleep, tiredness, lack of potentiality, lack of memory, headache etc. Sudden loud sound can damage our hearing.

At present, noise pollution is creating many severe problems. Very often the patients and the examinees become sick due to noise pollution. Reducing noise is the way to remain safe from noise pollution. We can take a few steps in this regard. We have to refrain ourselves from using mike loudly in any ceremony. The use of fireworks and bang sticks must be banned in the festivals. We should avoid using the horn of vehicles unnecessarily and loudly. We can reduce noise pollution by buying low sound producing engine and by establishing industries and airport far from residential area.

Open areas should be preserved in the city and more and more frees should be planted to absorb the noise. By using noise-absorbing machine in the industries and by making people conscious the noise pollution can be controlled.