What is Bryophyta?

Bryophyta: The non-flowering plants of the plant kingdom which can be differentiated into stem and leaf are said to be the members under the division bryophyta.

Example- Semibarbula sp.; Riccia sp.; Marchantia sp.



(i) They usually grow in moist, damp soil, in tree trunks and also in water.

(ii) Instead of root, they have unicellular rhizoids

(iii) Vascular tissue is absent

(iv) Reproductive organ is multicellular and surrounded by sterile hairs.

(v) Sporophyte is partially or completely dependent on gametophyte.

(vi) Gametophyte is the main part of the plant body.

vii) They are autophytic and independent.

(viii) Alternation of generation is clearly found in the life cycle.

Example- Semibarbula orientalis.