Explain the Importance of Chemistry in case of Food Safety

The importance of chemistry for the food preservation is explained below with example:

(i) The foodstuff which are able to be rotten e.g. fish, meat, tomatoes etc are kept in dry state or preserve in refrigerator. Different chemicals e.g, ammonia, Hydrochlorofluro carbon, Pentafluroethane etc. is used as refrigerant.

(ii) To protect the lipid oxidation of foodstuff sulfite, sulphurdioxide are used which increased the time of food storage.

(iii) Bacteria, fungus, mould etc. are used as antimicrobial, e.g. NaNO3, NaNO2 etc. absorb extra oxygen from foodstuffs and hence prevent the attack of microorganism.

(iv) Chemically selected some microorganism also used to preserve food from the harmful microorganism e.g- probiotis.

(v) Processing chemistry give the idea about the food production, preservation pH which is needed for the food preservation.

(vi) Some biomolecules obtained from the chemical analysis, like, citosun, retains the taste and odour of food for long time.

Overall, chemistry is very important for food preservation now a day.