Uses of Halogeno Derivatives of Alkanes

Uses of Halogeno Derivatives of Alkanes

Uses of halogeno-derivatives of Alkanes:

The compounds formed by the replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms of alkanes by halogen atoms are called halogen derivatives of alkanes.

As a solvent: Halogeno-derivatives of alkanes e.g. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2), Chloroform (CHCl3) etc. are widely used as solvents. They are also used in washing of oily substances, aerosols & different machineries.

As re-frigerant liquid: The liquefied halogeno-alkanes are used in refrigerators & air conditioners. Freon-11 (CCl2F2) & Freon-12 (CClF2CClF2) are the most important.

The boiling point of Freon-11 & Freon-12 are 24°C & 30°C respectively.

As fire-extinguisher: CCl4, CBr2 CIF (commercial name is B, C, F) etc.

As anaesthetics: CHCl3, Fluthane or Halothane etc.

Westron & westrosol: Westron is a heavy in-flammable liquid (CHCl2CHCl2) & is used as a solvent of rubber, varnish, paint & fats. Trichloro ethylene (CHCI=CCl2) is known as westrosol which is used in dry-washing of cloths.

Uses of aromatic halogen-derivatives:

  • As perticide: D.D.T., alderin, deldrin, gamaxine etc.
  • As solvent
  • As an intermediate compound in production of different substance.