Explain Uses of Alkane

Uses of Alkane:

Alkanes are series of saturated hydrocarbons including methane, ethane, propane, and higher members.

(i) Mostly used as a fuel in solid, liquid and gaseous state.

(ii) As a solvent, slippering substance.

(iii) Production of fertilizer & as a fuel.

(iv) For the manufacture of methyl alcohol, formaldehyde, methyl chloride from methane.

(v) Ethane is used in the preparation of ethyl alcohol, ethyl chloride etc.

(vi) Carbon particles which are found from the heat decomposition of methane and yielding H2 gas is used in hydrogenation.

(vii) Used as a fuel of cooking as L.P. Gas.

(viii) Carbon particles are used as printing ink, shoe polish etc.