Features or Qualities of Good Speech

Features or Qualities of Good Speech

Features or Qualities of Good Speech

Speech is an effective means of oral communication. It is delivered in front of a large gathering. Therefore, speech serves as an important medium of presenting information in meetings, political or business gatherings. However, an speech becomes effective when it fulfills the following features;

Clarity: Clarity is an essential feature of a good speech. Speech should be clear and unambiguous so that the audience can understand it easily. If it is not clear enough to express its meaning to the audience, it will become ineffective.

Definiteness of message: Message of the speech should be definite and relevant with the subject matter.

Conciseness: Audience becomes impatient to long speech. Hence, speech should be as concise as possible. However, it should not incomplete.

Interesting: Speech should be delivered in an interesting and pleasing way so that the audience is motivated to pay attention. In order to make the speech interesting, various stories, examples, quotations and jokes can be cited.

Informal touch: Though speech is a formal address, it should be presented in a personal and informal way.

Considering the audience: Speech is delivered to a specific audience. So the speaker should actively consider the expectations, interest and nature of the audience.

Speaking slowly: An ideal speech is one which is delivered slowly and in usual tone. It helps the audience to hear and understand the message clearly.

Free from emotions: Another important feature of good speech is that it should be delivered in an unbiased and un-emotional way. Speaker’s emotion may drive him away from the main theme.

Use of body language: Good Speech goes with necessary body language. Therefore, at the time of delivering speech the speaker should use various non verbal cues.

Ensuring participation of audience: A good speech is one which ensures participation from the audience with the speaker. That means, the audience will ensure their attention through effective listening, expressing their solidarity with the speech and so on.