Format of Sales Book

Format of Sales Book

Format of Sales Book

Sales book is used to record the credit sales of goods simply. It means only credits sales of products or goods intended for sale are recorded. Cash sales are not recorded in this book. After all dealings are posted in the sales book the business needs to post them to the associated ledger accounts.

Date Column – Represents the date on which the business deal took place.

Particulars Column – This column includes the name of buyers and the specifics of goods sold.

Outward Invoice No. Column – Reveals the sequential number of the outward invoice.

L.F. Column – The page number of the customer’s accounts in the Ledger is recorded.

Details Column – Contains the amount of goods sold and the amount of trade discount if any.

Total Column – This column shows the net amount which is receivable from the customers.

Remarks Column – Any other extra information will be recorded.