Guideline for Preparation of Agenda

Guideline for Preparation of Agenda

Guideline for preparation of Agenda

Agenda means the items or issues to be discussed or transacted in a meeting. Preparing the agenda and circulating them to the concerned members is a pre-requisite of a valid meeting. Agenda are prepared by company secretary under the direction of board of director’s.

The following guidelines can be followed in the preparation of agenda:

  • Agenda should be clear and explicit.
  • The agenda should be stated briefly with subject headings such as – confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting, election of directors, declaration of dividend etc.
  • The agenda should be circulated along with the notice so that the members may think over the various matters. Agenda may be the part of the notice, or may be given in a separate sheet attached to notice.
  • In preparing agenda, routine matters should be placed first and controversial or time consuming matters following.
  • The matters that are similar and allied in character should be placed near to each other in the agenda.
  • All items included in the agenda, should fall within the scope of the meeting.