Hear how Poshmark went from Series A to the public markets with Manish Chandra and Mayfield’s Navin Chaddha

Hear how Poshmark went from Series A to the public markets with Manish Chandra and Mayfield’s Navin Chaddha

Poshmark has come a long way over the last decade. Launched in 2011, the social fashion marketplace has grown to over $150 million and now listed on the public market. It is valued at $3.5 billion. However, just before all the success, Mayfield’s young Chaddha saw the potential, leading the series A for the company.

In our next episode of Extra Crunch Live, we will sit down with Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Chaddha & Poshmark, to discuss moving from series A to public. (Article information is at the bottom of this post.) Chandra is a triple threat executive. He has degrees in marketing, business and computer science and is a serial entrepreneur who sold his previous company Chaddha to Hearst in 2007.

The introduction of the iPhone inspired him to think about impending changes in consumer behavior, paving the way for a wealth of ideas like Poshmark. As is often the case, what seemed obvious at first glance was incredibly insightful by then. Brightness did not lose an entrepreneur Chaddha to his own right. Now a firm with $2.5 billion in assets under Chaddha’s management led Mayfield. Of the 50 companies in which he has invested in his venture capital career, 17 have publicly acquired and 24 have acquired. In other words, it is understandable that he has appeared on the Forbes Midas list 12 times. We will talk to Chandra and Chaddha about the process of fundraising from the initial stage to the growth stage and beyond. However, more importantly, we will talk about how an organization has to adapt to succeed over time. In addition, look at the pitch decks submitted by Chandra and Chaddha visitors and give them live feedback.

If you are wondering how to perfect your call, there can be no other valuable resource without the advice of this pair of founders/investors. (Also, if you want to submit your call to feature in this show, break this link.) An important note about this next episode: We are doing Extra Crunch Live free. People who tune in live only need to register. On-demand access to content is still reserved for additional Crunch members only. In fact, EC members can check out the entire library of ECL content here.