Folk Song

Folk Song

Folk song is a type of song sung in the traditional style of a country or community. It is a music that belongs to a Community and that is not influenced by any sophisticated music rules or any standard music styles. The folk song includes the lifestyle of the rural people, with all their hopes, expectations, sorrows, and dreams. This music includes both religious and secular songs.

A folk song is the part and parcel of Bangladeshi culture and tradition. Most of the folk songs are composed based on rural people, culture, and environments which differ from region to region in Bangladesh. The major folk songs of our country are Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi, Marfati, Jarigan, Jatragan, Sharigan, Kabigan, Gambhira, etc. Lalongiti is a devotional or philosophical song about creator and creation. Palligiti tells the joys and sorrows of the village people. Bhatiali tells the joys and sorrows of the people whose lives are closely related to the rivers of Bangladesh. These songs have some significant characteristics. It is composed of rural folk based on ancient rules transmitted orally.

Folk songs are sung by professional or amateur singers. These songs may be sung individually or in chorus. Here the traditional style includes the themes, words, and tunes of the songs that have existed for a long time among the common people. They may be sung individually or in chorus. Some famous singers have made the folk musk popular among the people of Bangladesh. They are Shiraj Saiah, Lalon Shah, Shah Abdul Karim, Hasan Raja, Abbas Uddin‚ Abdul Alim, and Radha Roman who are the notable folk singers in Bangladesh. These songs basically composed and performed by illiterate or semi-literate rural people. The culture and the lifestyle of the different tribes have also influenced folk music.

The traditional musical instruments are usually played with these songs. Bangladesh has a good number of instruments of her own. The traditional musical instruments of our country are Tabla, Dhol, Madal, Ektara, Etansi, Sitar, Kartal, Mandira, Dotara, Sarad, Sarinda, etc. At present, the young generation shows less interest in folk songs. At present, the condition of folk music in our country is very poor. In general, band and pop music is becoming more and more popular among the young generation. Nowadays rich traditional folk music is inevitably influenced by western music and culture. Since folk song symbolizes our own culture and tradition. Despite these negative aspects, we can say that folk songs are the symbol of Bangladeshi culture and tradition. All of us should be come forward to preserve our rich, ancient, and significant folk song. We should keep ourselves attached to folk songs. Since folk songs symbolize our own culture and tradition we should keep ourselves attached to them. The government should take some steps to retain our old heritage and culture.