Corruption: Causes, Effects and Remedies

Corruption: Causes, Effects and Remedies

Causes of corruption:

Corruption is a social evil. Moral degradation and ethical decadence is the main cause or corruption. People’s unscrupulous activities, avarice and greed to amass wealth, materialistic attitude of life-all these breed corruption. Besides these personal reasons there are some social causes of corruption. Capitalistic economic system, in-equal distribution of wealth, excessive gap between wealth and poverty, economic insolvency, high living cost, unemployment etc. are the social and economic causes of corruption. Adding to this poor administrative system of govt. and lack of law and order in society also contribute to spreading corruption.

Effects of corruption: Corruption has entered each and every core of our administration, public governance, office and organization. In a poor and underdeveloped country like Bangladesh the effects of corruption in economy and in politics are very devastating. If government officials are corrupt, people do not get good service from them. If politicians and policy-makers are corrupt, it affects and retards country’s overall development. By doing corruption, a section of prayerful people amass huge wealth and lead a very carefree and luxurious life. This creates social gap and discrimination. Administrative and institutional corruption creates depression and grievances among people. Corruption in education system lowers down standard of education.

Remedies: People’s ethical sense should be strengthening. For this a good education system, which stresses on creating morality is necessary. Consciousness about corruption and fighting corruption is also necessary.

Corrupt officials and politicians should be severely punished. We should have good and effective laws for preventing corruption. Just and equal social and judicial system is necessary to prevent corruption. Accountable, transparent and efficient administration is also necessary. We have to remove social injustice, social gap and wide gap between wealth and poverty. Anti Corruption Commission should be made effective and independent so that they can tight corruption and prevent it. People’s patriotism and ethic al sense should be developed. Corruption is a social malady. So it can be checked to social awareness and efforts.