“How to delete yourself from the internet” Twitter thread goes viral

“How to delete yourself from the internet” Twitter thread goes viral
Anyone concerned about data privacy and security, or just a regular person with a backlog of horrible memes, may have crossed your mind that you might one day want to delete every last trace of yourself from the internet, whether you’re a spy.

It will show that you are not alone; the Twitter thread specifically explains how to delete yourself from 99 percent of the internet that has gone mega-viral. Twitter user and self-described “code-monkey” @SomNerDlium – don’t be surprised to learn that he hasn’t publicly listed his full name – tweeted the suggestion on Tuesday, which was shared by nearly 1 million users. First, he suggests that you look up your old email logins. Then, without really thinking about it, you’ll need to dig up your emails for all the newsletters you’ve signed up for, who now have your data.

He then suggests that you use the usernames and services that you removed from your current and old email accounts to verify that your information has already been compromised. Here’s where it gets complicated.

“For some services, you may want to delete all content and messages before you delete the account, as the account may be archived and a hacker or external entity may access this information at a later date”. “That’s something to remember.” If you have, you can change your account information to find this account., will not list all compromised accounts (only in personal information databases that have already been leaked, not in privately sold databases). He is advising you then you are trying to use the public site, in fact, check if you are alive.

Now it’s time to delete you from Google. He believes that you should not allow Google to touch any of your valuable data. Do you feel safe now? You haven’t done it yet, you’re simply a hackable fool. I hope you like to remember passwords, because that’s what you’re going to do from now on. Now, finally, it’s time to start deleting your scary memes. Sorry, but this next bit involves jetting all your friends. “This thread was brought to you by someone who was hacking accounts and systems when you were 11 years old, “he said, concluding frighteningly.” There are so many more talented and terrifying threats out there now. Protect yourself at all costs, not to mention that most of your money is now online. It’s only a matter of hours.