Amazon Expands Its Telehealth Service Nationwide

Amazon Expands Its Telehealth Service Nationwide

Amazon Care, the business’s telehealth initiative, is now available nationally, according to the company. Amazon Care provides both virtual and in-person assistance. The Amazon Care concept mixes on-demand and in-person care, and it’s intended as a way for the search giant to fill gaps in its present healthcare offerings. This year, the in-person services will be available in more than 20 more cities, according to the business. The growth comes as Amazon continues to invest in expanding its clinical care team and in-person care services, according to the company. 

Seattle, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Arlington are among the cities where the in-person service is already accessible. Amazon wants to offer in-person care services in major cities such as San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York City, and others by 2022. Amazon Care began as a test program for Amazon employees in Seattle in 2019. Amazon made the service available to other companies across the United States in March 2021. Several well-known organizations, including Whole Foods and Silicon Labs, offer Amazon Care to their employees, according to Amazon.

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Amazon Expands Its Telehealth Service Nationwide

COVID-19 and flu testing, vaccines, treatment of illnesses and injuries, preventative care, sexual health, and medication requests and refills are all available through the program. When a patient’s problems can’t be resolved digitally, Amazon Care sends a nurse practitioner to the patient’s house for extra care, such as blood tests or listening to the patient’s lungs.

“Patients are fed up with a health-care system that doesn’t prioritize them.” In a statement, Kristen Helton, the director of Amazon Care, said, “Our patient-centric service is changing that, one visit at a time.” “We’ve made our on-demand urgent and primary care services available to people across the country.” We’ll continue to work with our clients to meet their demands as we expand the service.”

Over the last few years, Amazon has made significant investments in healthcare. PillPack, an online pharmacy that allows consumers to buy drugs in pre-made doses, was bought by the firm in 2018. Amazon Pharmacy, an online and mobile prescription drug purchasing, and fulfillment service, debuted in 2020. Amazon has just released new solutions for healthcare providers and elder living facilities. The Alexa Smart Properties solutions are specifically intended to suit the needs of deploying Alexa devices at scale, allowing facility administrators to create customized experiences for their residents or patients.